Project Description

White, is considered to be an inherently positive color, associated with purity, light, goodness, beginnings, protection and spirituality. The sun, as a symbol, represents life-giving abundance, with its warmth, radiating healing and peace. The combination of these two, together with their inner meanings inspired us to create a wide range of items in this oh so special baptism. Giving the shimmering look to our tiny sun, by using gold-foil, was a detail that brought elegance and a luxurious touch to the event.

Items featured: Baptism invitations | Adults’ favors (gauze, with sugar dragees, tied with an extra thin string and decorated with a round engraved plexiglass) | Kids’ gift boxes (with small canvases and crayons, themed bubbles and crispy dragees) | Baptism set (candle, box, oil set) | Witness bracelets | Storage box (to place the witness bracelets) | Personal gift (monogrammed round plexiglass necklace with a chain)